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About Diana

Diana is a Pacific Northwest based yoga teacher and activist.  She has been steeped in the yoga tradition for over three decades and has taught yoga and yoga philosophy since 2004. Her teaching style is an ongoing synthesis of hatha and vinyasa yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Diana’s instruction will often include teachings from yoga philosophy and other contemplative traditions. While she has been influenced by many luminaries across the tradition of yoga, Diana has always seen the unpredictable and beautiful circumstances of life as her greatest teacher. 


Whether through the doorways of loss or illness, joy or celebration, her teaching and writing invite us into the conversation between our interior and exterior experiences.  Most recently, Diana returned to college and completed her B.Sc. in Liberal Studies, with a focus on environmental ethics, religion, and philosophy.  Her current teaching practice synthesizes a deep care and concern for the natural world with concepts from both yoga and other dharmic traditions.  Diana’s work as an activist and writer centers on animal rights and furthering the dialogue between the ethical, environmental and human health concerns within industrial animal agriculture.  

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