About Diana

Diana began her study of yoga at a young age with books written by healers and meditation practitioners, gifted to her by her mother. Her father taught her the beauty and connection found in the natural world. After taking her first formal yoga class as a college course in 1990, she committed to engaging both the physical and the mental discipline of a daily practice. Diana continued her studies at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York, then eventually moved West and completed a 200-hour teacher training at the Center for Yoga in Los Angeles. With the support of her teachers and a healthy amount of ambition, Diana moved to Portland and began her teaching practice in 2004. While she has been influenced by many luminaries across the tradition of yoga, Diana has always seen the unpredictable and beautiful circumstances of life as her greatest teacher.

In 2007, she co-founded The Bhaktishop Yoga Center in Southeast Portland, teaching weekly classes, retreats, and teacher training programs. As her teaching life flourished, Diana’s personal life took a drastic turn; in 2010, Diana was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her willingness to persevere through the uncertainty and distinct beauty of having a chronic illness informs her teachings and keeps her focus on yoga as both a transformative and accessible practice.

After studying yoga philosophy outside of the traditional academic world, Diana returned to school in 2017 and recently completed her Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Liberal Studies at Oregon State University, which includes research in Eastern Philosophy and Environmental Ethics. Diana has also recently served as a Teaching Assistant for Embodied Philosophy and the Portland Yoga Director for Las Vegas-based company TruFusion. She currently teaches at Oregon State University and offers seasonal practices focused on re-establishing our connection with nature. Diana lives in Oregon City, Oregon and shares her free time with her best canine friend, Lita. 

Diana’s practice extends over three decades and she has been teaching full time since 2004; she infuses her teaching with felt experience, weaving mindfulness and yoga philosophy into asana classes.  When out of the virtual studio, Diana spends her time writing and taking long forest hikes with her favorite rescue canine, Lita.