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Diana Hulet

The Path is Made by Walking

Diana, a dedicated educator, writer, and animal advocate hailing from the Pacific Northwest, is deeply entrenched in contemplative practices, amassing over three decades of experience. Since 2004, she has shared her wisdom as a yoga instructor and proponent of yoga philosophy. Her unique teaching approach harmonizes movement, serenity, and poetic introspection, representing an ever-evolving fusion.

While drawing inspiration from luminaries spanning yoga, Buddhism, and mysticism, Diana's supreme mentor has always been the natural world. Its teachings have profoundly shaped her perspective.

Recognizing a beckoning shift in her journey, Diana pursued higher education, attaining a B.Sc. in Liberal Studies. Her studies revolved around environmental ethics, religion, and philosophy, facilitating her growth.


She contributes to Oregon State University's Mind Body Program as an instructor, seamlessly weaving an eco-centric outlook with insights from yoga and other dharmic traditions.

Diana's affinity for the non-human realm has been a lifelong source of comfort and camaraderie, propelling her to amplify their narratives. Delve into her animal photojournalism endeavors and her ongoing venture, 'What if We Saw Them,' spotlighting their stories on this platform.


Let’s Work Together

I am available for mentoring, teaching engagements, and photojournalism projects. Drop me a line. 

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Diana Hulet

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