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Diana Hulet

Diana is a Pacific Northwest-based environmental writer, animal photojournalist, and yoga teacher with over three decades of experience in yoga philosophy and contemplative traditions. After establishing her own studio and leading trainings and retreats internationally, Diana pivoted her attention and set off to complete a Bachelor of Science degree at Oregon State University in 2017, focusing on environmental ethics, ecology, and climate change. In her later studies, she confirmed the insights from her childhood experiences of snorkeling and scuba diving: our lives are intricately interwoven with the vitality of the Earth’s ecosystems. 

During her time on the OSU faculty, Diana's growing concern for the well-being of animals prompted her to pick up a camera again and begin documenting the details of their lives. Her ongoing project, What if We Saw Them,  encourages reflection on our relationship with animals in various contexts, advocating for compassion as a catalyst for systemic change. Diana also embarked on the writing project Dove & Doe, sharing inspiring stories about the natural world and environmental awareness. She serves as a contributor and board member with the multimedia nonprofit Sanctuary Doc. 

Through her years of contemplative practice, teaching, and these creative endeavors, Diana aims to offer solace and courage for a new path forward for humanity—one that acknowledges our interdependence with animal kin and the shared planet we inhabit. When not engaged in teaching, writing, or photographing animals, Diana can often be found hiking with her beloved four-legged companion, Lita.


Let’s Work Together

I am available for mentoring, teaching engagements, and photojournalism projects. Drop me a line. 

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Diana Hulet

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