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JANUARY 23 - 26, 2020 | Seattle, WA

Vedanta: How Ancient Wisdom Informs Modern Practice
Friday, January 24 • 4-6pm

"How can the knower ever be known?" is one of the existential questions posed to us in the Upanishads, an illuminated yogic text from approximately 500 BCE. The questions still persist in the modern practitioner, as we face a changing world, longing for clarity and connection.
In this workshop that blends yoga philosophy, discussion and practice, give yourself time to reflect on the ever evolving history of yoga and explore your capacity to integrate ancient teachings into contemporary life. The lifestyle we seek emerges from recognizing that internal and external landscapes are in continual flux, and yoga practice offers us a place to look inward and reflect outward. Open to practitioners and teachers, Diana will begin with a lecture on Vedanta and the Upanishads. lead a lively and accessible discussion, then guide a practice that includes Sanskrit mantra, movement and meditation.

Rumi and Restore: The Life of Rumi
Sunday, January 26 • 4-6pm

The poetry of Rumi has inspired seekers from across the world. Through his language of the heart, Jalaluddin Rumi continues to guide us into a landscape of curiosity and connection, straight into the subtle layers of human existence and presence. Moments of revelation seem to rise from the page and send us down a path of contemplation - what does it mean to be fully embodied and alive? Where is that field Rumi speaks of, the one between “rightdoing and wrongdoing?” Meet your yoga community on the mat in this gentle practice set against the backdrop of Rumi’s life story and poetic inspirations. Open to all practitioners, this workshop will move from slow movements linking breath and body into a supportive restorative practice.  

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