Diana Hulet
Yoga Philosophy & Practice

Applied Ethics for Teacher Trainings

For years I’ve enjoyed teaching yoga history and philosophy to teacher training students, and while I am still available to do so, I have pivoted towards guiding conversations about how we apply practice to the challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. In addition, I present the question: how do we balance taking care of our selves and others, while cultivating deeper connections to the natural world? The following offering can be housed within a yoga teacher training program or be taught separately in a workshop or series format.  

In addition, I am available to lead opening meditations and grounding practices for nonprofit organizations, corporate events, and private gatherings. These can be tailored to suit your particular needs.  

Please reach out to me with your questions and interest.  


Being Trees: Studying the intersection between Yoga Philosophy, Ecology and Climate Change
10-hour online course 


How can our practice meet the challenges humanity is facing and cultivate more harmonious relationships with each other and the natural world? Are there tools woven throughout the yogic teachings that will illuminate the path ahead? This ten-week immersive course will examine the ways we have created the us-nature split, and explore solutions that will not only benefit our own health but also that of our communities and our planet. The primary topics covered in this class will be discussed through the lens of Patanjali’s Yamas and Niyamas, one of the ethical frameworks within the yoga traditions.  


Each session will begin with a simple meditation practice, followed by a 45-minute lecture and an open discussion. Prior to class, you will receive an email with the week’s learning materials and prompts for journaling and reflection. These prompts will also help facilitate our weekly discussions. The course is open to all people interested in engaging in mindful dialogue regarding the most pressing concerns facing humanity.  


Our topics will include:

  • Overview of the Implications of Climate Change

  • Environmental Justice

  • Non-attachment and Nonviolence

  • The Exploitation of the Natural World

  • Individual Solutions

  • Collective Solutions

  • Elevated Activism through Practice

  • Healing Feelings of Separateness




‘I longed for a new chapter in my vocation’ — Rekindled passion for learning takes liberal studies online student on new adventures.
by Diana Hulet 

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KPTV Health Watch news story about the benefits of yoga for MS patients. Features comments from Dr. Kyle Smoot from Providence Brain and Spine Institute in Portland, Oregon.