Diana Hulet
Yoga Philosophy & Practice


"Being mentored by Diana has been incredibly grounding, therapeutic, and healing for me.  Her consistent suupport has helped me connect my spirituality practice with my passion for environmentalism and the world around me.  She has inspired me to live more deeply, connect with myself on a daily basis, and align my everyday actions with my spiritual beliefs.  I am forever grateful for her mentorship." - Lia H. 

Living Practice: A 3-month Mentorship Program

Living Practice is an opportunity for people to work with me 1:1 to support their entire yoga practice, from the postures to the ethical frameworks that sustain the yoga tradition. I love crafting a program specific to the needs of the student, whether they are a new teacher or a long-time practitioner looking to adapt their practice to ever-changing life circumstances.  

Sessions are customized accordingly to meet you where you are and envision where you’d like to go. We meet virtually twice per month, and in between sessions I’ll send reading assignments and writing prompts that will strengthen and facilitate our work together.  

Reach out and set up a complimentary 30-minute call to go over any questions you may have about the program and see if a mentorship feels like a good next step for you and your practice.