About Diana's Activism

I believe that as practitioners of yoga, we have a moral responsibility to find the causes that inspire us, and act.  For each of us, our engagement will look different. Some will find peace by offering mantras to help ease suffering, some will need to get out into the streets and protest. All my life, I have felt a deep sense of interconnectedness with nonhuman animals, and while I know that oppression and violence permeate our planet, this is where I place my attention. I’ve created this page as a place to offer both resources and support.  

I partner with yoga lifestyle brand SoulJour in order to promote environmental activism within the global yoga community. We offer virtual and in-person events throughout the year. Please see our schedule and learn how we also partner with Treesisters to help grow the SoulJour forest! 


I am currently working to promote an initiative that would end animal cruelty in Oregon. We are collecting signatures in order to ensure our spot on the 2022 ballot. You can learn more about the legislation on the Yes on IP13 website. If you’d like to sign our petition or join the movement, please send me a message


Additional links and resources:


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